Interior and Upholstery Anyone have Procar Elite Lumbar DLX seats in their Fox?


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Oct 4, 2018
Hi all, been thinking about replacing my factory seats for awhile now. The Procar Elite Lumbar DLX caught my eye because the vertical stitching will still match the rear seat in my convertible, and they look very supportive and much more comfortable than OEM, especially since I’m over 6’ and need something with a higher back and headrest. Anyone have any photos of these in their Fox or feedback on quality and comfort? Thanks!
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I looked replacement seats for a long time before pulling the trigger on corbeau sport seats. I gotten compliments that they look like they belong .


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I ordered the cloth/ vinyl on cyber monday,got a good deal. I used my original brackets and that not only saved my some moola but gave more headroom then the aftermarket brackets. A little measuring and drilling and they went right in. I've been daily driving on them for about a month ( 600 +miles).they are firm yet comfy,much better on turns then stock, they hold you in pretty good.
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