snow tires and wheels


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Aug 29, 2002
Bergenfield, NJ
Unfortunately I have to drive my '03 Cobra in the winter in New Jersey. I somehow survived last year without snow tires. I'm not going to try that again.

I'm looking to get some snow tires and wheels. I'm looking for a real cheap but halfway decent set of wheels. Any recommendations for wheel size. How narrow can I go? For the tires, I'm looking into the Dunlop M3's or the Bridgestone Blizzaks. Anyone have any experience with these on their Cobras?

Thanks for your help.
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Own a '97 in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada and run Dunlop m2 WinterSports 255/40/17 on a mildly thrashed set of factory 17's. Excellent snow tire,super tread life for a snow(unlike those Blizzacks) and once you get used to the feel of the tread blocks moving pretty good dry cornering. My unit has only 17,000Kms(approx7500m) and she gets a lot of looks the day after 6-8inches.
missouri_guy197 said:
I've heard the BFG KDWS work pretty well in the snow also, and they don't cost that much...
I had the KDWS, but didn't like them much, but I have to admit they did a damn site better than last year's winter-with-death-slicks. I opted for the Blizzaks this time based on the reviews on the boards and Tirerack's web page. (Wing and a prayer, basically). Time will tell...
Ditto that...

When you add up the cost of tires and/or wheels, plus the fact that you can drop the insurance on the Cobra and run basic liability on a beater...

It doesn't make sense to drive a limited production sports car in the winter, tires will only help a little, the car has too much torque and rear wheel drive. Plus they should never see SALT!!!

Good luck!
thanks for the advice. i decided to go with the Blizzak WS-50. they dont clean the sidestreets well in my town, and the layer of ice on the streets can be a nightmare. yeah, the treads may wear down quickly, but ill see and maybe switch to the LM-22's or the Dunlop M3's next time around.

im done with used cars. i had 2 used camaro's. the first one was good, but the last one ('94 Z28) was a piece of crap. bought it with 50K miles in great condition. after a few months, i was spending between $300-$500 a month repairs. misfiring problems, distributor, ignition switch, etc. that's why i got rid of it and got the Cobra. with my luck, ill get a beater, and it'll be in the shop and costing me a fortune.

ill let you all know how the Blizzaks do.