So I finally decided to buy my first Fox so why does it look like a Cobra lol

Ford Moore

Jul 29, 2009
So after many years of working on helping with and driving other people's Foxbodies, I'm finally getting one! Strangely enough trying to help my brother find one somehow paid off again! Unfortunately it was a little light in the Maximum Motorsports department to qualify as one of his dream Fox's.

I've always been partial to the hatchbacks. No red ever inside or out. I had decided the Fox I would get must be a hatch with non red preferably black interior and a Coyote swap preferably turbo as well.

Then my brother says something about if I ever find a FULL!!!!! Maximum Motorsports kit im buying it. I came across this one and figured it was close enough and minty fresh everything! After he passed it was game over. The more I looked at it and thought about it the more I needed to save it from some horrible star light headliner cambered and slammed nightmare !

Anyway I'm going to go try and figure out how the picture posting works.


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Between all the pics I feel like this is a guess the year game... Going to say 90-91 because of the map light even though I see 92-93 seats.... Looks nice, someone spent some time on that.
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I think this is the picture I lost my :poo: on in the ad. I thought the hood clear was trashed and on closer inspection realized it was a damn mirror and those were clouds LMAO. I didn't stop looking at it for like 10 hours.
I'll get more pictures once I pick it up this weekend.


normally I would just tell you. But I'd hate to be selling it one day for a few million dollars and some butt nut find this post. I'll probably tell after I get in my possession. I will say it wasn't like 35k or something stupid and I consider it an excellent buy.

it was listed as a 1989 fyi.


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Correct it was a old lady single owner 4cyl car stripped to the max. Then built ground up the right way. All OEM V8 wiring. All new brake lines. Maybe 50k and thousands of hours in it. It's just unreal how perfect it is.
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For a little contrast here's my son's. It's currently at my buddy's shop getting a sn92 Paxton kit removed. A fender a bumper and 5 lug swap with hopefully 03-04 Cobra brakes or equivalent.

It's got a T56 in it and super clean grey interior. Sat around 10 years in grass though. Exhaust is rusted out rear end is rusty. But I believe the body is good. No rust top side.


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Found a few more


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7500 new fuel tank pump filter. Traded the supercharger for the fender bumper supercharger delete return to stockish and 5 lug swap. It came with extra parts as well and traded some of them towards the 5 lug swap.

Only issue we found was the ignition coil was arcing from the body to ground.
Parts list for the 89

Engine - (roughly 2000km on engine)
-Gt40x crate engine
-Real cobra upper and lower intake setup
-Extrude honed intakes and matched ports to cylinder heads
-Svo aluminum heads
-Arp head studs
-f303 cam
-Svo 1.6 roller rockers
-Svo pushrods
-Svo double valve springs
-new bosch alternator
-mls head gaskets
And much more..

Transmission - (maybe 100km since rebuild)
-king cobra clutch kit
-light weight svo flywheel
-sfi approved scattershield
-t5 5.0 5 speed freshly rebuilt
-pro 5.0 short shifter
-svo aluminum clutch quadrant with multiple hook adjustments for cable
-bbk firewall clutch cable adjuster
-new energy poly transmission mount
-new ford racing aluminum driveshaft

Exhaust -
-bbk equal length ceramic coated headers
-off road h pipe
-brand new flowmaster American thunder catback
-flowmastef stainless polished tail pipes
-all brand new hangers and bushings
-new o2 sensors

Rear end -
-1995 mustang gt 8.8 posi rear end
-rear end sanded and painted oem black
-stock gears
-factory five racing tubular greaseable upper and lower control arms
-maximum motorsports braided steel brake lines
-new upper center flex brake line
-brand new park brake cables and linkages

Suspension -
-brand new rear koni shocks
-brand new rear eibach springs
-brand new front maximum motorsports coilovers
-brand new maximum motorsports caster camber plates
-powder coated black 1995 mustang gt knuckles
-new wheel bearings

Steering -
-brand new steering rack (sport rack)
-brand new inner and outer tie rods
-brand new ball joints
-brand new maximum motorsports steering shaft (no more rag joint!)

Brakes -
-5 lug disc brake conversion
-brand new cobra disc brake master cylinder
-brand new maximum motorsports brake hard line kit
-brand new maximum motorsports braided steel brake lines
-brand new calipers, rotors, pads from 2004 mustang gt (bigger brakes)
-brand new proportional valve for brake bias

Body -
-freshly painted reef blue with highest quality paint and clear coat
-All seals, weather strip, screws, clips, bolts etc are new
-1993 cobra tail lights
-brand new oem front headlights and gaskets
-all new exterior trim/moldings
-have all brand new badges in packages just haven't installed
List goes on...

Chassis -
-Detroit speed thru floor subframe connectors that also reinforce lower torque boxes (best kit you can buy)
-detroit speed upper control arm reinforment kit (ties upper control arm mounts together and to frame rails
-entire underside of car prepped and painted with black liner for a durable clean look
-also have detroit speed mini tub kit not installed
And much more..

Engine bay -
-engine bay smoothed with Scott rod panels (seamless install correctly done)
-completely body worked, painted and clear coated
-wire tucked
List goes on..

Fuel system -
-Complete brand new system
-brand new fuel tank
-complete aeromotive fuel system
-aeromotive 450lph fuel pump with billet hat for tank
-all braided larger steel fuel lines
-all an fittings
-updated to oem fuel filter setup from newer mustangs
-billet aluminum fuel rails
-38lb svo fuel injectors
-aeromotive billet aluminum adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge
List goes on..

Interior -
-All black oem interior
-oem black tweed seats front and back
-new leather shift boot and shift nob
-oem black carpet
-power mirrors, power locks, power windows etc all function
-factory tape deck radio setup
Interior is in beautiful condition..
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Here's some under carriage pics of my son's. It's running awesome. Just picked it up from the 5 lug swap and some fender bumper swapping.


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Found some paperwork in the car. I believe it sat more like 20 years. Last insurance card is 2001. Old registration is dated 1997 with 21k the interior and dash definitely look like 70k.
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Real nice foxbody @Ford Moore; great color . It is a mix of interior parts, like @rednotch says but that's cool. My '89 has a map light and the 25 year badge (I think I see it in the pic) but I've seen the badge on 1990 cars as well. I'm guessing it was on April 1989 to April 1990 cars. You've got a locking gas cap and an armrest and they weren't on 1990 cars. The seats are newer than '89 (high headrests that year) and your map pockets are 1990 and up. I didn't see a pic of the steering wheel; '89 is the last year before airbags.
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My '89 has a map light and the 25 year badge (I think I see it in the pic) but I've seen the badge on 1990 cars as well. I'm guessing it was on April 1989 to April 1990 cars.
fun331 ... my car was built late July 1990 and it has the 25 years badge as well. I believe that badge went on all mustangs built April 1989 to end of 1990 production.
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Picked up the mint Reef Blue car in Canada and got it home tonight! Needs gears baaaaaddddd! Not a lot I plan on doing. X pipe rims and tires new AC 3.73s see what's up with the fuel gauge. Better CAI have the runs wet sanded then polish and ceramic coat it probably ppf in the most important spots. Some kind of sound setup. Oh and the battery box needs to be installed. It also has some seriously beefy welding cable for the battery relocation to the trunk. Well I've got a couple days off so we will see how much I can get done!