So I Picked These Baby's Up...


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Feb 5, 2014
First my interior is red in my 90 GT, I'm changing to black.... my seats are ripped any way, and the drivers seat has the gangster lean... lol So I have been trying to find a nice set of the black/charcoal new edge seats... which I haven't been able to do (ones that are not ripped anyway) So I have been planning on just buying the Corbeau seats from LMR, seat's with tracks was going to be 800.00.... well I scored these baby's about 45min from my house...

They have been setting in a shed, were covered in dust, he just wiped them down before I picked up... so I still need to clean them... but... I think I STOLE them at $150.00, no rips or tears, the power control switch on the drivers side mount is broke so I have to fix that, but that shouldn't be hard....

I'm going to remove the tracks blast/paint (have some surface rust) and clean and condition the leather... so what is the best thing to use to clean and condition the leather? Going to be awhile before I get to put them in (still putting car back together)... so I would like to condition them really good a couple times so it really soaks in.... plus something was sitting on seat so left a little indention, so hope that works it's way out...


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Feb 18, 2001
Meguiars Gold class leather conditioner.

When I had mine out of the car, I would wipe them down, and then put a trash bag over the seat and let it sit a few days, and then do it again.

With them in the car, I just wipe them down when I know the car will sit a few days, and then keep the doors/windows closed. Do this a few times and it really softens them up and starts to remove most wrinkles. I try to do this a lot over the winter, but doing it in the humid summer seems to work best. Issue is the seats become slick to sit on.

Don't expect a miracle, but it does work
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Aug 27, 2012
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The BEST stuff you will ever put on leather- pricey but works amazing
Use it sparingly
Apply with your hands
let it sit in overnight. I put plastic bags over the seats
It will raise all of the dirt and oils out of the leather
Wipe it down and your leather will be soft as new



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Feb 18, 2001
Just to point out one minor detail. The seats aren't fully leather.

As you can see from the window sticker on my old 2003 GT, they are leather trim.


What that means is the sides, back, headrests and perforated sections are actually vinyl.

The only leather part is the top sides of the seat bottom, and the seat back where the pony is.

Entire rear seat was vinyl on 99+ cars