So i will feel the difference with subframes right?


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Feb 4, 2003
San Diego
Hey im getting subframes welded on in a couple weeks. MM full length ones and i just wanted to make sure that my money was gonna make the car feel better. What exactly do i feel? Will the car feel tighter and more together? Lemme know guys.
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Damn right you will!!!! Best bang for the buck out there.

I did upper/lower cntrl arms as well as subs all in one shot and let me tell you,,I felt a whole lot more confident when the tail got happy. It made the car more fun to drive. You will actually (depending on how good you are or aren't) be able to pitch the rear end out and put it where you want and control it a whole lot better w/the throttle.
I wish subs had been the first mod I had done!

As said above, you'll notice better steering response and control in cornering. Go find your favorite curve and try it again with subs on. You should notice a difference.

For me, I noticed better control in turns and the car felt tighter overall. Given the age of our cars and the fact that I've got over 156,000 miles, it is nice that my car has no squeaks, rattles, or other odd noises due to age. There are many cars at my work that are the same age and newer than mine that squeak really bad.

With the setup and power you're making (from your sig), subs will save your car in the long run. You've got several suspension upgrades, so you may notice an even bigger difference with the new subs (then again, maybe not quite as much).

Let us know what you think.
Ok well it seems that even if i dont feel a big difference it is for the best to get it done. I dont really do much turn racing but i do plan on at least a pan hard bar and possible coil overs added to the mix in a year or two. So im sure this will help.
They will make you realize how crappy the suspension is...since your car will no longer be part of it:p.

No but seriously there really nice, you may have squeaks and rattles dissapear because of them.

Also, I can jack up 3 cprners of the car and the 4th corner will come up on its own...instead of the car sagging.