some good news


My 97 GTP owns you ALL!
Mar 31, 2005
Muhlenberg, ky
went to the doc today and said everything was great looking and took the head apparatus(halo) off and i feels awesome to not have that thing on anymore. I got to wear a neck brace for at least a month then i got back for a check up with xrays! ill post pics as soon as i can!

:D :SNSign:
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are u paranoid of turning ur head too fast now? I would be.

hell yeah i am! when i take it off i move it like 1mm/sec. the doc dont want me to do much but then again if i work the neck its not going to be worth a **** when the brace comes off. i can tilit my head all the way to both sides(hurts a lil when i go to the left)can only turn about halfway both ways and can tilt head forwards/backwards all the way. I do this all VERY VERY SLOW. slower then the civic was :D