Spark Plugs

I am in process of committing a crime, I have a 86 5.0 and have butchered the EFI and replaced with Carb. using engine in 1929 Model A pickup and have absolutely zero room for components . My Question is, Spark plugs used for EFI or Plugs for Carb are they the same ? Also what is the firing order for this 86 engine?
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The model A pickup engine will not have the same spark plugs. You can still get several brands of plugs for the AA engine from Rock Auto!

Serious answer, I assume your truck has a 302 that’s been squeezed in it, right? Go with the right plugs for the year and brand of head you have. The electronic ignition allowed wider plug openings, not the switch to EFI. If you retrofit parts from a Ford electronic ignition or an HEI module, you can keep the wider gap.


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There is not a bad copper plug on that list. NGK, ACDelco, Motorcraft, Denso, Champion are all OEM quality equipment. E-3 and Splitfire copper plugs are deals at that price.
The exotic tip plugs would be money better spent on an engine with a more tightly controlled A/F ratio. They run fine, but they will not last 100k miles without fouling in a car without precise tuning and electronic ignition.
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