Speed Density---What cam????


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Jun 19, 2001
Sterling Heights MI
I know this has been brought up a million times but here we go stock pistons and heads tfs street intake, speed density, looking for possibly b 303 cam, will it work with stock RR, pushrods and springs if not which ones would i need?? which RR would be recommended with this combo. Also will it work with Speed density????????????? not looking to convert to MAF. Also does anyone have any of these parts for sale Rolloer rockers, b cam, springs
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Man, I'll never understand the hard-on for the Alphabet Cams...especially the B-303. No offence to anyone who’s chosen to run one in their ride, but it's such a played out grind. There are so many better choices on the market. Either way, I wouldn’t attempt to use anything other than stock grind with the speed density set up. Some have had success, but it’s a lot of work to find out that it’s going to end up driving your car bonkers and you’ll have to have the computer reprogrammed or Mass Air conversion, anyway. Besides…leaving the stock heads on there, no matter how good the intake is, isn’t going to net you much more than hard gas mileage, regardless of any cam you install. If having the processor reprogrammed or Mass Air conversion isn’t in the cards, then stick with the stock grind and a set of 1.7RR. As for what kind….unless you’re screaming it out to 6500rpm shifts all the time (which you won’t) grab a set of inexpensive castings like the Crane or Scorpions and save the extra cash you’d spend on the high dollar units for a set of upgraded valve springs. But either way, I’d make at least a ported set of heads a priority before touching the cam or valve train.
Your more than likely going to have problems with your after you install heads, cam, intake with your speed density. I sure did and didn't get the problem fixed until I switched to mass air. I put a cam in my car without heads and ran good and had a fairly good idle (kinda unstable and would idle kinda high). I ran the crower 15511 cam and its a beast when you put heads, intake, and convert to mass air. Had incredible idle and pulled like a mofo, and had really good torque. But if I were you I wouldn't fight the conversion, and would do first off, that way you will have some better cam choices. Its not difficult at ALL. I thought it was going to be tought but after searching on here on how to do it and buying a wiring harness from IS&T it was a piece of cake. So bite the bullet and do it.