Speedo cable or speedo? Someone Help


New Member
Jan 18, 2004
Louisville, ky
OK Here is my problem, I toasted my speedo cable on my 89 GT (melted to headers) and Of course it quit working. I found a good Speedo cable from an 86 GT and swapped it out, but it still doesn't work. I checked my speedo gear its fine, I checked my speedo cable sensor on the end, its fine, but it still doesn't work. I did drive it for a couple of months being broke. Is it possible I damaged the speedometer itself. I need help. Someone Holler back at me!! :bang:
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Founding Member
Jun 22, 2002
Dallas, TX
Sounds possible. If you can twist the gear on the end and see the the cable spining freely where it attaches to the speedo then I would say that the speedo is bad.

Did you double check the connection on the back of the speedo to see if it is snapped on there all the way and didn't come off?