Speedometer Cable Removal/Installation

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Squeeze the tab on the speedo end to remove it from the speedo head. To install it just push it in until it clicks.

Trans end is held in with a bolt and clamp.

Hope this helps, your question is kinda general and vague.....
my speedometer marker was jumping around pretty bad and it eventually just quit working. yes i have a 67 coupe with a little 289. I looked today behind the instrument cluster and i could the cable disconnected. I just didn't know how it was connected at the tranny. I'll give it a try when the new cable get delivered. if i have trouble i'm sure i'll be back on here. thanks guys
No one has mentioned this, but on my '66 I had to remove the screws attaching the instrument cluster, pull the cluster forward and partially out of the dash in order to gain good access to the rear of the speedometer and unscrew the cable (reach in through the opening where the dash cluster was - not from under the dash). I know your dash is different than mine, but keep this in mind if you don't have good access when approaching it from under the dash.