Spring install using a spring compressor.


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Dec 28, 2006
So I'm going to attmept this in my apartment parking lot tomorrow.

If I have a spring compressor can I do this by only lifting one corner of the car at a time? Any instructions, including short cuts, for a spring install when using spring compressors?

I have a two piece kind of compressor, one for each side of the spring if that helps.

Thanks! I searched, and read a lot of GOOD info but would like some info pertaining to ways to "cheat" with a spring compressor. :D

The front I'd like to do one side at a time, but I'll jack both sides of the rear as I'll be installing an ADDCO rear sway bar as well.
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It's a lot faster if you don't use a spring compressor. Just disconnect everything (brake calipers, swaybar, strut, etc.) from the spindle to give you enough play to lower the lower A-arm enough to remove the spring. That's the way I've done it to install some Mach 1 springs. The spring compressor seems like a PITA.
I rented a spring compressor when I did mine .... Attached the compressor and started to lower the A-arm ... The compressor exploded into 50 pieces! So I did not use one. I just let the A-arm down slowly while holding my foot on the spring (thinking it was going to shoot out) and it just kinda goes "thump". I've done this on a few Mustangs without incident. Just let the spring decompress SLOWLY!
I was defeated by the brake caliper. I could not brake it loose from the rotor. So I decided to just take the top part off since that's where the hose goes to anyway.

The bolts to do that just spun and spun.
Nah they are fine, I figured it out. They have to be removed differently than the ones I'm used to. So I could probably go do the springs now but I'm already inside and everything is back together. I think laziness is going to win.
I never use a spring compressor for spring installs. If you are installing lowering springs you really don't need it.

The rear springs are a joke to do. Just disconnect the shocks and quad shocks and sway bar and lower one side down at a time until you can pull the spring out by hand
i didnt use a compressor either. i was going to suggest attaching the compressor to the spring when the A-arm is still putting pressure on the spring so that when you let the arm down (SLOWLY!!) the spring would stay a little compressed and come out easier. Your new ones should go in a lot easier since their shorter then the stockers.
Uhh try that same principal on my Audi front strut then go to my cobra's struts, completely different

Like others said, you don't need to use a compressor

look at the thread title, he wanted to know how to use the compressor. all struts need to be compressed, one way or another. if you can do it without a compressor, good for you. if you have a strut assembly out of the car, they all come apart the same basic way......
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