squeak/chirp noise when moving clutch pedal -even when engine isn't running

I was hoping someone could help me rule out (or confirm) a TOB issue. When the TOB is failing, does it make noise even when the engine is off?

I have a 99 GT with 88K on it. I've read through all the posts about the common throw out bearing problems. This noise is only when pushing down on the pedal. It doesn't happen when the pedal is all the way up or down... only when pushing down. Happens when the engine is on or off, in gear or in neutral. Sounds like it is coming from under the car and not inside the car. Sound just like a pedal or lever squeak. I unbolted the dust cover and took a look but I wasn't even sure what to grease? I'll have to have someone push up and down on the pedal to make that noise.

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Jan 26, 1999
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speedytang said:
Sounds like the TOB. When it gets even harder to push in you will know for sure.

tob does not make chirping noise with engine off :nonono: it's a problem in the linkage either the cable or the fork/pivot ball

also check the surface of the front bearing retainer make sure it's clean the TOB has to ride smoothly on this surface.

what causes the pedal to get hard to push is when the pivot ball wears into the clutch fork. the TOB unless it's wearing into the front bearing retainer is not going to cause a hard pedal.