Stang Cuts out when going around a turn

I picked up a stang with a double pumper on it & idles great, but I have noticed when I go around a turn the car cuts out for a split second. From what I recall it has never happened going straight, only during a turn. It doesn't happen at every turn though. No more than a 2-3 times during each run. Also, the temp gauge indicates it hasn't fully warmed up yet when it cuts out. It usually around 180 or so when it happens & in the morning. It feel like it is running out of fuel.Also I hear & feel what seems like a backfire that split second as well. Not sure it its through the carb or in the mufflers. I just changed the fuel filter & it still cut out this morning when I made a left turn at the stoplight. It does have a Holley fuel pump that I was told was changed awhile back. Also the PO said the Holley was also rebuilt built within the last year.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Does it only happen on left hand turns?

My carb on my 68 used to do this, although it was the factory 2 bbl carb and happened on right hand turns only.

The problem was the spring for the float. When I made the turn the float would lift to high and the carb would be starved of fuel causing the motor to shut down.

I would check to see if everything is working properly with the floats.

I just solved that same problem. I rebuilt my carb the butterflyes were not closing proplery when I solved that I realised the PO had the timing out of wack. I addjusted the carb with the set screws then ajusted the timming by ear (none of the shops use timming lihgts anymore) around here anyways. But to my surprise the car stoped cutting out with the work I had done. Before I did anything I was running a idle speed of 1500 RPMs now I am at 750 Park and 550 yo 600 in drive.
Well tested it out on the way home from work. Apparently it happens any time I give it some gas. I wouldn't say WOT, but cruising along easy on the throttle then give it some gas & then it cuts out. I will check he floats, but from what I saw didn't see sight glass like on my speed demon. Would I open the screw where the sight glass would be & raise until gas drips out? I definetly want to fix this now, since I have a few blind corners where I need to cross & I wouldn't want to cut out completely while giving it gas to punch it through the intersection.
Maybe I should order some sight windows for the carb(if they make them for this model)