starting problem


Oct 8, 2008
ok i have a 67 cougar that ive been putting together over the years and have ran into a problem. The car wont start by using the key. The guages light up, under the dash makes a click (not starter). Ive replaced the solenoid, starter is new and the ignition switch is fairly new. There isnt a netural safty switch hooked up to the car and it's bypassed correctly. The orginal shifter isnt in the car, it has a b&m aftermarket shifter. I had ignition working for a while then on day it just quit. If you jump the wires on the solenoid it will try to turn over. This is the wierd part. i hooked up a push button starter switch to it from the hot side of the solenoid to the switch and back to the ignition part on the solenoid. With the orginal wire unhooked from the solenoid the car will start with the push button. However, when you hook up the orginal wire that goes to the left prong on the solenoid and have the push button hooked up, the car wont do anything when u push the button in. Ive checked to see if power was getting to the solenoid when the key is turned over and it barely lights up my Continuity test light. It seems like i have something grounding out... where should i start lookin? thanks guys
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Let's forget the ignition for now and trouble shoot the crank issue.

In the diagram Check for voltage while cranking. Where do you get it at?