Sticky: A4LD Specialty Parts

the following is a list of specialty parts or upgrade parts for the A4LD:

Upgraded 4.0 rear Case Washer and two rear spring end caps 89-up (the rest of the parts listed are 85 and up)

Cooler Fitting Retainer, duck bill style...Bronco, Mustang

Intermediate Servo Piston & Cover
Kit converts smaller intermediate servo pistons to the larger 2.10" piston,
Improves shift quality and band life.

Spring Retainer with snap ring and 20 springs for OD & high piston

Compression Cooler Line Fitting, replaces duck bill type

Boost Valve Kit (w/ sleeve, valve & 2 o-rings) large, high ratio quick rise...small, low ratio, moderate rise

Manual Valve Index, slides over existing manual valve in valve body...Corrects excessive valve freeplay.
Reduces valve related reverse delay, burned forward clutch and delayed forward engagement.

Anti-shudder Spring, corrects shudders due to converter shift valve

Governor Bore Sleeve

Other upgrade parts

Spring, shudder fix for TCC

Modulator, non turbo

Modulator, turbo

Filter, TCC, snaps into separator plate

Jr(tm) Shift Kit

Shift correction package

This list of parts is intended for use by a trained automatic transmission rebuild specialist
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