Stock '06 GT Bogging... Any ideas?


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Apr 29, 2008
Howdy all,
first post here on :SNSign: so please take it easy on me.

Have an '06 GT auto, completely stock. Have had an issue with the car bogging after stopping at highway speeds. Example: 70mph for 10 mins, then idle to off ramp and stop. When trying to accelerate from stop, the car bogs then picks up like a bat out of he!! Only 18k, and has done it since new, but gotten much worse lately... Has to be above 50mph and more than just a quick hop for it to happen, but occurs consistently.

Have yet to take it into Ford for this as the car is currently out of state near Kansas City, MO (know any good Ford dealers nearby??).

Any ideas?

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TSB 06-9-9

Excellent job guys and thanks for the quick response. Hope to return the flavor!:nice:

Cheers, Seth.

Oh hey wait!

How about that excellent rated Ford dealer near Kansas City, MO to do the warranty ????