stock 94-95 cobra rwhp?

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I think what he means by Stock Cobra is NO MODS. Off the factory floor is stock I belive thats what hes asking, once u take an orginial part off and put an aftermarket part on then its no longer stock.

To answer your Question I belive the 94-95 Cobras dynoed at about 230-240 RWHP in Stock form.
95kobrah said:
See sig....... hey gmkillr, nice numbers, what bolt-ons did you have at that time?

My mods were as follows:
mac underdrives
bbk 1 5/8 shorty headers
mac prochamber
summitt catback
pro-m bullet 75 maf
homemade cai
bbk 65mm tb

The above mods led me to a best of a 12.97 @ 106.16mph

An absolute stock 94-95 Cobra will lay down from 215-225 rwhp
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Well...My motor itself is Stock...With the mods in my sig I put down 230hp/268tq without any form of tuning. Seems a bit low to me but from what Info I've gathered on this board my tremec aparrently soaks up some of the #'s. Mine could be a lil tired too, has 108k and I'm not sure how hard the previous owner was on it. Every detailed SVT related site I've seen has also noted the 240 factory rated figure was conservitive. :flag:
damn this thread is old..found it googling 1/4 mile times lol.. but while i'm here

my 94 cobra dynoed at 231.3 hp and 276.3 tq

All it had was bbk cold air intake, bbk shorty headers, 14* timing, Flowmaster mufflers.. Kinda was dissapointed...
Stock block with bolt-ons is not stock. Has anyone dyno'ed a completely bone stock Cobra as it came from the factory, with NO MODS?
The only one I found was on Kenne Bell's site for a '94 Cobra which came in at 211.6rwhp and 263.4rwtq. Factoring in a 13% drivetrain loss that's typical of the T5, the flywheel numbers become 243hp and 303lbft which are slightly higher than the 240/285 factory rating.