Stock valve covers fit with TW heads?

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My stock valve covers didn't fit on stock heads with pedestal mount roller rockers. I'd say not even close with your set up. If you can find AFM steel chrome valve covers for $74 shipped like most of us did then go for those.
I have 1.6 Comp Cams Pro Magnum rockers on my TW heads. They fit perfect on the driver side, but on the passenger side I had to hammer the middle ridge of the valve cover a little bit to get them to fit. Based on that and from what I've heard from many professionals, there are some big differences in tolerances between our stamped steel factory valve covers.
well that sucks kinda....... i really like my stock covers cause i custom painted them black silver and red for my paint combo...

So if i need to get diffrent ones, which ones will fit under my intake mani?
in the TW manual, it says "the valve cover rails on the trick flow heads have been rasied approximatley .350 in. to provide clearance for roller rocker arm poly locks"

Where did you guys find them for 74 shipped??? best i found was $113

(might be a stupid question but..) what if i double up my VC gasket?