Strange power seat problem


New Member
Feb 28, 2010
I have a 96 GT convert. The four way power seat was working great yesterday. Today it goes up and down but will only go back and forth an eighth of an inch. Read the forums an most have an issue only with one direction or it doesn't work at all. Anyone have a similar issue or know how to fix this? TIA
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I can't hear the motor running when I get down and look underneath the seat but the motor engages and the worm gear turns a 1/4" either way. Hence the 1/8" movement of the seats. I will check the tracks tomorrow.
I had a very similar problem in my 96 GT. Check your seat tracks, clean and lube them with silicone grease. They are known for wearing out. The flimsy 4-way switch may be bad though; it drained my battery and fried the electric motor. I finally went with a manual seat track off a 93 GT and chucked the factory boat anchor power seat track. The lumbar air cushion still plugged in, I just don't have height adjustment anymore. The manual seat track is so much more simple and reliable.