Strange rubbing noise... help :(


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Sep 24, 2002
Syracuse, NY
So today i was driving and started to notice a rubbing/metallic noise at low speeds and it gets louder the slower i go and goes away when i come to a stop. At first i thought it was the driveshaft rubbing on something but nothing was near it. Both rear brakes seem to be functioning fine. ebrake still works. Sound is also there weather brakes are being used or not (even w/ebrake on). Nothing is rubbing on the tires/wheels. I cant figure it out and its driving me crazy :bang:

seems to be coming from passenger side rear... could it be a bad rear caliper? it was pretty hot out today here if that makes any difference:shrug:
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I had a similir problem the problem and the griding noise would come on when the was weight on the back. The problem was that the ebrake cable was a little loose, and missing a clip and thats why it was happaning. Try to check that might solve a proble. It was like a 20 dollar reapir at a shoop.
well it looks liek its the rear passenger side caliper thats shot.

jacked it up, spun the wheels and the noise was comin from right there and you could definatly feel it. also when the ebrake was applied the drivers side wouldnt spin at all the the passenger still moved a bit.

any advice on what to do? im about to head out to buy a new caliper and just swap it out
I would get new guide pins for the caliper as well. Also figure out why the caliper was shot - it might have been an ancillary item which caused the failure.

With the guide pins, if they are like other cars, they have sacrificial plating which requires simply getting a new pin.

Good luck.
ok i went and bought the new caliper and took apart the stock one to find that one of the sliders was frozen and wore down the inside pad pretty good. should be a pretty quick fix tomorrow after another trip to the parts store for some new pads, thanks for the help guys, i guess its been rubbing for a while but just never noticed it :shrug: