Stripe Help for Vista Blue with Black Top


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Mar 22, 2006
I just order a Vista blue convertible GT black top with polished 18s. Want to add stripes once it arrives. I know painted stripes are preferred, but they void the paint warranty. Thinking about going with vinyl and then paint down the road.


1) Which color stripes? I like white but with black top black may blend better.

2) Any one have blue convertible with stripes, if so would love a picture?

3) How durable are the stripes? How long do they look good?

I still have 5-6 weeks before she arrives, just planning it out.
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I've had both vinyl and paint/clearcoat on my '05. First, I think your car would look best with either white or silver stripes with your color top.

The vinyl was installed first professionally from end to end on the car, not just partial stripes like the dealer installs. After several months, I started seeing small bubbles forming under them. My car is garage kept and I only drive it on weekends. The paint/clear is way better by far and should be, it costs a lot more.