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Mar 18, 2021
Hi All,

Vehicle: 1991 LX Convertible

Got a questions for you all. Hope, I'm able to describe the issue.

While installing a steel braided brake hose, I stripped the brass fitting, bent the brake line, and stripped the nuts from the brake hose bracket. So I purchased a new bracket with brass fitting as shown new from LMR. I also purchased a new complete set of SS brake lines from LMR to replace all of them.


1. Should I just flare a new brake line and connected to the old using a brass fitting?
If I go this route is there any braking issues this might cause?

2. Shall I Just replace the entire line? If I replace the entire line, I will have to grind down the rivets along the right side of the car that hold the metal plates.
In addition the old bracket is a pain to remove because the rivets are difficult to drill old. I don't want to damage the body.

Any suggestions you guys have to fix this?

Much appreciated!!!!!


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Of course, the proper way is to replace the entire line but sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth! I see no reason you can't go with option 1. Make a new section of brake line (use NiCopp) and attach it to your old line. I've had several cars where I spliced a new section of brake line to an old line. Make sure your flares are good then use the small brass connector to connect. It's one more place where you could leak. Tighten the fittings to the connector then, loosen and tighten again. Do it a third time. Doing it multiple times seems to help in seating the flares. Drive it for awhile then check for leaks. You should be good.
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Is NiCopp better than Stainless Steel?

Should i do this to the new brake lines - ........."Tighten the fittings to the connector then, loosen and tighten again. Do it a third time. Doing it multiple times seems to help in seating the flares..?"
As I'm reading it, you've got a kink right behind the flare and that's the section that needs replacing. It also sounds like you've got the entire S/S brake line but it's a PITA to replace. If you want to go to the trouble of replacing the entire line.......go for it! But it sounds like you don't really want to. Your other option is to replace just the piece with the kink and all the 90's. S/S is great but NiCopp is really easy to bend, flare and work with. That's all I ever use. You can splice the NiCopp to the S/S using the brass coupler with no problem. The 'tighten/loosen 3 times thing' is just a method that has worked for me many times in the past. Never had a leak!
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Correct! I don’t feel like taking those bottom metal plates. All the other lines have been replaced because they were easy. The right rear is a pain.

How about removing that bracket? I’ve already broke two drill bits trying to remove those rivets to install the new one


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