Stuck door


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Feb 23, 2001
Radcliff, KY
My actulator has gone out on my passenger door.
I can not get it to unlock and can not figure out how to open the door to get in there to replace it.

I am a big dukes of hazzard fan but my passengers dont feel the same.

anybody have any advice on how to get the door open
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Join the club, brotha! Mine did this a couple of years ago on the driver door. I had to take the driver seat out and pull it out the hatch and then take the panel off the door from the inside to get it open. Man, what a pain! Good luck with yours!
Take off the panel and roll down the should be able to unlock it by pulling on the silver cable (it's covered in mesh) or go in through the top and tap on the lock actuator. If all else fails lift the locks manually around the pin with a screwdriver. While having someone pull on the door when it does slide in place.