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May 15, 2004
GOD! has anybody found a way to rig the seatbelt to make it retract itself? it just my car and should i take it to the dealership? Anybody else having the same prob? Anyone solved it? i think it's standard mustang trouble.. :mad: :mad: :mad: :bang:
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um mine retract ok....maybe its just yours. The big problem i have is that sometimes bc of the angle of the loop on the B pillar it gets jammed, but a godd pull and it retracts fine. If its that big of a problem get it checked out.
The trouble with mine is the fact it gets locked into position in the most in opportune time like when you're trying to check your blind spots before changing lanes on the freeway. Or trying to look back in general. SUCKS.
Yea mine lock too, I think that's a safety feature when you accelerate or brake at a certain rate. Mine do it all the time and don't unlock until I practically stop. I hate that :)
It's probably good though if you do autocross.

If I go WOT on the highway from like 50-100 or so, the seatbelt will lock really hard and hold for like 30 seconds until I coast down a bit.

BTW, how doyou remove those seatbelt loops? Do the headrests just pop off and the loops slide off? I didn't want to tug on anything and break something