Sub hums


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Apr 18, 2004
Ok old Amp, RF blown pretty sure. Tested the ends and no power was going... but the light was still on...

Ok any way bought a new amp Kenwood KAC-8152D (Talk about a confusing ass Mono amp!... has out puts for 2 speakers)... connected up the old sub... hummmmmmmmmmmm

Checked all grounds, pretty sure they're all good.

Took the sub to Cartoys where I'm not sure if they ***t with me or not any way old 4ohm sub was only reading 2.2 or something. So I bought a new JL 10"

This one responds (ie sub moves to the bass, but there's not much bass at all), however the only way on this piece of crap kenwood to increase the volume is with this remote thing. Whenever I plug the remote in I get a massive hum and it no longer goes to the music, it's just a single tone.

Any one have any ideas?
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