supercharged 87GT hci advise

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The 24lb injectors and maf are both going to need to be replaced. On pump premium gas, you will want to go to a 42, 47, or 60 pound injector and a maf that will not peg before reaching around 2000kg/hr airflow. The stock meter is good to about 800 kg/hr. The 24 lb calibrated meter to around 1200 kg/hr. A unit “calibrated” for 42 pound injectors will go to about 1900. If you are going to run a boost pipe, I would highly recommend using one of the pmas filters. They are a fraction of the price of a pro-m unit and will out flow your setup even if you pulley down a bit. The 42 lb injectors will be pegged if you turn this combo up, so you’d have to raise the fuel pressure considerably to try to squeeze a little more headroom out of them. The 47 or 60 will be enough without having to Jack the pressure up. FMU is a bad idea. They simply do not produce consistent results. And they really weren’t even designed for use on a combo like yours. They were designed to take a stock engine with a 6-8 psi blower and make your stock injectors try to get by without a tune. You throw a heads/cam/intake on top of that, then pulled down, you’ll be in a world of pain. Your best bet is to stop now and figure out who is going to tune the car. Mentally commit to the fact the car WILL need to be tuned, then go from there before spending any more money. And if you are needing assistance on the tune side or acquiring any of these additional parts, Shoot me a message. Happy to help.