supercharger on my new engine?


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Mar 31, 2006
i was considering adding a supercharger to my new engine. its a 302 w/ 0.40 overbore, gt40 manifolds cast iron head with roller rockers and im not sure about the cam yet. i want this car to be a weekend driver so any suggestions about uppgrades would be much appreciated.
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How much boost do you want to run?

If you go the route im currently on... you can just order the base kit SC-TRIM from vortech and be on your marry way. This set-up has performed without a single flaw for me for over a year and 20,000 miles now.

If you plan on running more than 5psi I would recomend a larger fuel pump and maybe some larger injectors along with a calburated maf.

You do need to give some more specific questions about ur set-up for me to give you some more specific answers.. there are too many variables for me to give you every combination you could possibly go with.
this will be my first time running a supercharger and im not sure what to expect out of it. the car is going to still be a street car and i don't wanna kill myself in it. i was thinking running a small amount of boost would be the best option for me.