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Jun 24, 2004
My mods are listed below on my signature. I was wondering if anyone out there with some knoledge would lend me some advise. I want to buy a supercharger but i dont know if my motor and or drive train will hold up with the extra Hp? How much psi should I run? Are used ones worth buying? I want to be running in the 12's so what SC should I be looking at to buy?
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I'd say you can run whatever you want with a stock block, but you really dont have any supporting mods like cam, heads and such. So for your engine I would recommend like 6 psi. You can easily run 12s with any base model blower. All the level 1 superchargers are basically designed for near stock engines and they are cheap too at less than $2000.
powerdyne makes one, summit sells it, it's not a huge one but its about 2000 and is supposed to add 80 plus horse power and i also hear its one of the easier ones to install ( you dont have to hook it into your cars oil system ). i've been lookin at them to for when the day
You shouldn't put a lot of boost to a stock bottom end. 6psi is perfectly safe. If you want more boost I would recomend you change the rings, and overhaul the engine if you have to.

The stock block is only good to about 500hp, and they usually start cracking down the middle from there.
Just my experience, well actually me and sureas****, but we are pushing over 600 at the fly with stock blocks. Is it the safest thing no, but its possible. Maybe its a Marine thing!!! Man, I cant find it anymore, but I had a link to a site selling I believe the Paxton kit for $1800. Oh well.
Like Fox5.0 said, with supercharging comes piston ring end gaps. Piston rings expand faster and close the ring end gap with supercharging because of the massive amounts of heat. You need a larger compression ring end gap. As for your bottom end, if you're simply planning on building a weekend racer or street car it should be able to withstand low psi without any major problems. If you plan for severe conditions, forged pistons become manditory. Cylinder head type is also important because of the piston head and chamber relationship. Hope this helps.