Suspension Combos


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Jun 10, 2007
So here is a general question for everyone who has lowered the s197 mustang.

What springs, struts/shock and components did you put on your mustang?
How do they handle while driving daily (ride quality, interior noise and vibration) and how do they handle when you drive aggressively?

Has any tried the FRPP Shock and struts with FRPP lowering springs and how do they match up to the the rest? Ford will tell you they have superior technology specifically tuned to the Mustang.

Let me know guys......
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I've got FRPP springs with D-specs. The overall ride is really good but bumps are a lot more noticeable than with stock springs or steeda ultralites. You will sometimes feel a pretty good jolt crossing an overpass or hitting a bump with these.

Glad I got D spec S/S. I would recommend this combo along with an adjustable P/H bar. The drop looks great and it handles like a gocart.
I'm having a hard time deciding on which springs/shocks/struts to go with too. I would like to go with the Eibach Pro Kit springs and D-Spec shocks/struts but my budget is around $600 and that combo would cost at least $725+ and I wouldn't have money for a adjustable panhard arm bar.
Honestly, you can get everything cheaper than that at with the forum discount code, and you'll know what you're getting.

They don't have the Roush springs, but the Eibach Pro Kit is very similar, only difference is, it levels the car out a bit more. I'd also be worried about what you're actually getting. The picture shows a Maximum Motorsports PHB, but the description says BMR and doesn't say what type of ends. For a daily driver/street car, you want poly bushings. Stage 3 is a good company, but I always stay leary of ads that don't match the pictures.
yeh I got my H&R SS for 119 bucks off them ..... search and there site, Some guy had them on his car for a week didnt like the height so i got a KILLER deal ! Great company to work with impecable customer service !
My H&R Sport Springs are said to lower the car 7/8" in the rear and 1" in the front (giving it a more raked look since the front is proportionally lower than if stock). There is a 15 to 20% difference in ride quality, which I think is a good tradeoff. They are about $234.
So I think I will go with the D-Specs and eiback springs with a bmr rear p-bar.
I will buy this through as reccommended by darkfire.
question being, with a 1.5" drop will i need to buy the camber bolts?
And any input on interior noise after the car is lowered? I know from day one with my stang there has always been quite a bit of road noise in the cab.,,
I've got the suspension mods in my sig...absolutely LOVE the way the car handles now. +1 for the dspecs. For daily driving I set em a little softer. When I want to drive like a maniac, I crank em down a little. The mods you picked should start you out nicely.