suspension noise


Jul 31, 2007
I have a 03 GT with Eibach lowering springs, MM XD lower control arms, KYB shocks and struts, and new spring isolators... pretty much everything new in the rear.

It seems whenever I go in/out of a driveway or some small bump that my rear suspension is making a creaking noise, like a squeeky door. It sucks spending all this money and my car sounds like a 76 corolla going over a speed bump. Idk is something binding up or did I install something wrong perhaps? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
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mines been doing that for 3 years since the day i lowered it... i know people who have speant lots of time and money on bushings and changing out suspension pieces, trying to get rid of the little pops and creaks, with no luck...and then there are those who manage to get rid of most of them :shrug: ... every car is different.

most likely you didnt install anything wrong if its all working properly...
lowered mustangs make noises. i dont think i've been in a lowered 99-04 that hasnt made some odd noise at some point.
Though, i do know of one proven solution... louder exhaust :D

Wow, never been so relieved to hear that a car makes noises lol. But I do feel 1000x better knowing I'm not alone. Just sucks is all, I want the performance of a racecar with the luxury of my dad's lexus.

Anyhow, I do not have poly bushings, I have the XD maximum motorsports lca's. So maybe is does it even worse than with poly's. I just called them up a few mins ago and they said it should be as quiet as factory. I swear I will find an end to the suspension noises.

P.S. I did install polyurethane springs isolators?
im not really sure...changing all that at could be any one of those pieces making the noise.

I know this doesnt help you any, but when i lowered mine with eibachs and KYB's, i hand in mind a better feel and no extra noises...something comparable to the feel of a lexus or bmw. That was 3 years ago. I thought wrong... :( it still feels like a Ford.... but at least a decent handling ford.
wen i first lowered mine it use to creak but slowly went away...unfortunatly now wen i turn right it makes a noise and now wen i hit bumps for some reason the passenger tail pipe hits the bottom of my trunk where it goes over the axle