svo block


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Dec 13, 2007
my boss has an svo block and almost everything to go with to make my car a turbo. how big of a project is this actually. he says it's not a big deal but he has enough mustang parts to build two or three from nothing and the tools to do it. what all is required as far as tools and wiring. he mentioned that if i ran a low boost turbo that i wouldn't have to rewire anything because i have a mass air car and it would compensate up until a certain point. i'm not sure about any of this because i don't do 4cyl cars this mustang is my first and i've not had time enough to learn much. thanks for any help.
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He's full of crap about no rewiring and all of that, otherwise, if you do a little searching around, browse my site (which has detailed turbo swap pages), and such, you can figure out exactly what is required.