SVO Side Exhaust skirts still being made/sold...


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Sep 2, 2004
for 94-98 SN95's. Sort-of. On Ebay, if you do a search for Mustang Side exhaust you'll find an auction that the seller (claymodeller) keeps listing for fiberglass side exhaust skirts. I was curious so I emailed the seller about where these side skirts are coming from... this is the response I got:

We have as many as you like. We used to supply Ford Mortor Company, Borla, ASC with a Cold Press, plastic part with the SVO logo set in.

After the production run finished we had the original epoxy tooling from the concept model we made for Ford and had so many requests for replacement parts we now make them in between jobs.

The fitting is bond on with urithane windshield adhesive and screws on the fender returns.

Hope that answers your questions.

SVO side skirts, just without the SVO lettering embossed in them... got mine for $230 shipped...which is pretty decent considering sells the cheapest ones around at $270 but they are urithane and not known for the best quality.

Just thought I would share for those interested.
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