sweet ram air


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Mar 30, 2005
Belmont, MA
after taking out the 25 lb weight in my car ( behind passenger foglight) i saw how easy it would be to make a ram air. this works great for anyone that wants to try it, but you have to loose your foglights. i got some 4" OD bendable tubing, and a small heating duct. also, on the stock airbox there is a rubber funnel type thing that sticks into the fenderwell and i used too. i placed it at the foglight opening and it fits perfectly there. then i just clamped the tubing onto the rubber piece, clamped the duct under the air filter and onto the aluminum tube and walla. Ford was also smart enough to make screw holes right next to the foglight opening on the bumper, so adding a small grill was no problem. i took it for a test spin and i can feel better throttle response at high speeds. i highly reccomend it if you dont need your fogs. speaking of foglights, i plan on remocing the other side as well and placing the same type of grill, but i was also wondering about bolt on fogs. i know they are considered ricey, but if i get some nice looking ones and bolt them to the lower bumper opening, how bad would it look? (something like this http://www.matrixracing.com/BI12364Details.htm) i can toss up some pics tomorrow if anyone wants a gander. whole thing cost me 9.94 and 1 hr of work.
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only problem with those is all the added dirt & crap its gonna suck up being so low to the ground. ive heard of people putting a stocking over their filter to kinda help with that
got any pics? :D

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The Rubber Funnel Type Thing Is The Silencer,which You Should Have Removed The Very Day You Got Your Car.this Allows You To Get Air From The Entire Side Of The Airbox Instead Of Through A 2 1/2 Inch Hole
This idea has been covered a lot and i think there is actually an article on mustangworld. I did it on my v6 almost 4 years ago. I didnt test it at the track or anything but it wont help you until you are above high way speeds anyway. And how much....who knows.

EDIT: To think of it, the only way it is actually gonna help in my eyes is on cars like the trans am/firebird because the air inlet is right infront of the TB. On camaros, our cars, mach 1's, the "rammed" air has to travel a path before it goes into the motor...which has to kill some of the affect. :shrug: