Switched 89-93 Octane and stang is quiet?


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Jan 17, 2002
I know it sounds strange, but when I use 93 octane gas, my car seems to quiet down. Do you think I might have clogged cats? I know I have the stock H pipe, but it never fails, when I use a lower octane, my car sounds louder. Maybe I'm nuts. :D

I have noticed extreme sluggishness lately. Probably because I am used to the car and need some mods. Gear, O/R Pipe, Chip, and T/A sound good. Now I need a couple of grand!
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Maybe some build up is causing semi detonation or something? I don't know if it's possible but higher octane would fix detonation so maybe :shrug:

Related note, has anyone ever seen dyno sheets for the same car with 87octane then drained and flushed then dynoed with 91-93 octane? Someone told me that higher octane rated gas has less chemical energy stored since some of the volume is taken up by the increased octane.