T-5 where can I find one that is affordable


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Apr 20, 2000
Portland, OR
I Live in Portland Oregon and have been looking at ford wreckers and general wrecking yards and I cannot seem to find any any time I call. When I do find one its in seattle or Cali and they want $700 - 800 for one out of a pistol whipped car. what am I doing wrong, I know they are out there and by all posts I have read fairly reasonable, I just dont really want to pay hundreds in shipping cost. :bang:

any suggestions would be appreciated
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You just have to keep an eye open and look in the papers and stuff. Do you have any pick-n-pull kind of places around where you live? If you can find a T-5 there, you can get them pretty cheap. The only problem is that T-5's are hard to find in a pick ur part lot.