T-56 Conversion


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Jun 30, 2005
I'm looking to put a built T-56 in my 2002 GT. I know that I need a new crossmember and to hook up a switch for reverse. I also know that i need to chop my driveshaft 3/4 of an inch. Well I want to keep my stock driveshaft incase I want to go back to the 5 speed transmission. What is my best way of going about this??? Is there a car at the junk yard that I can find with the propper demensions and still hold the power? or would I be better off to buy a driveshaft from jegs and take it to a machine shop and have it cut and ballanced? or is there a company out there that makes a driveshaft for the conversoin without costing a fortune?
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Nov 8, 2006
Sarasota, FL
i found the tranny through rpm transmissions for $1500 plus shipping, i know the conversion through d&d performance has gone up to $2799.

Get the RPM tranny. As for a drive shaft, call a local driveshaft place. I get mine $350 shipped. All I do I cal in w/ measurments, and he ships out the next day.
The new cross member is easy if you have a simple welder and hacksaw...