t3650 rebuild.....


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Sep 20, 2007
Back again with the transmission rebuild. It's half way torn down and from what it appears so far I am going to be in need of roller bearings and a syncro (copper) for fifth gear. I am looking for parts, a rebuild kit ect... to put this bad boy back in the running, but can not find anything on a net surf. Anyone with any information on where I can get this stuff, who I can call or where I can go, that would be absolutely great!!!! Thanks.
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Jul 1, 2007
Southern Indiana
Dude i just got mine back from ford (where i work), the trans rebuild was like 2900 because of my lt's. It took longer because they had to remove one of them to get the tranny out. I tried looking around for a better rebuild kit and found nothing. Also be prepared to wait a while on parts for it if you just have ford order you parts. Apparently 5-speeds are hard to get parts for.