T5 swap clutch issues

I performed a T5 swap several months back. After putting a hundred or so miles on the car I had an issue arise...

While setting at a red light I had the clutch completely pressed. The light turns green and I ease the clutch out, go through first nice and easy, go to clutch it to shift to second and about halfway down there is a loud *POP* and the clutch goes all the way to the floor. I instantly let out of the clutch and cruise at a very slow pace into the closest parking lot. Now every time I press the clutch it goes just fine about halfway down then *POP* to the floor. Any ideas?! Some of my more mechanically inclined buddies don't have a clue really.
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May 26, 2008
Spokane Valley, WA
I would have someone push the clutch in and see what the cable is doing down at the bellhousing, and up by the top of the clutch pedal if you can. See if you can see anything obvious, thats where I would start looking.


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Apr 20, 2009
Largo, FL
I had a friend who had this issue. He SAID that it was due to a certain style pressure plate he was running (I wanna say SPEC???). I'd ask what the issue ended up being, but the car's been down for body work since he got it back up and running with the new motor.