T5 Swap difficulty ... t5 swappers in!


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Mar 31, 2005
Okay, me and my dad are going back and forth. My auto is going south, way south, so its time to look at the options.

I really want to do a t5 swap. Really bad. Me and my dad do not have a lot of mechanic experience, I mean we've done maintenence, etc, and I know how the swap is, I read read read about it. I know exactly what has to be done, and I know how everything gets put together, works etc. Everyone is telling me the swap is easy, but you guys are also mechanically inclined. I have knowledge to do this kind of stuff, just no hands on experience.

He wants me to buy a rebuilt automatic. :(. He doesn't feel we can do it. I think that with time, and instruction we can. I have found several good sources including stangnet.

So my final question: When you guys say it's an *easy* swap, what do you mean? I read tutorials and it doesnt seem hard.
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the one that i referenced for almost everything was the write up on allfordmustangs.com. if i remember correctly, you have already read it. when i did my swap, i had never done anything beyond very basic things. i was very worried throughout the whole process that the car wasnt going to run right after i was done. i was worried for no reason at all. the swap went smoothly with limited experience (never done anything close before), limited tools (basic sears mechanics tool set), and limited space (on jackstands in a cluttered garage)

a ton of pics from my swap can be found here:


just do the swap. trust me, you and your dad can handle it with no problem. and if you have any questions, there are many of us here who can help.
Haha, Synned, I hear ya cuz I'm in the same exact position...need/ want to do the swap but my pops isnt quite convinced...I'll send him a link to this thread cuz i bet he'll get a kick out of it whether or not he admits it. i give him a hard time all the time about this crap. he does have a valid point of what if something happens that we get stuck and have to bring it to a shop... i do suppose there is a small possiblity of this such as stuck or broken bolts... i seem to break a bolt off of something everytime i work on my car, and thats just taking them off!! lets see, i broke two total bolts doing the exhaust, one of which was attaching the tailpipes, i broke the head off of taking the seat out of the passengers side... what else haha but w/e we'll just torch it and hopefully that'll be the end of it... synned let's do this!!!ill hopefully have it done during my spring break which is a few weeks into march(the 19th), once ive done it i'd be glad to help you out with any questions you might have