T5 swap in a 87 2.3l


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Mar 10, 2004
My son and I are swaping out an A4LD for a T5 that I got out of a 93. I was told that I needed pedals from a 2.3, the pedals in the 5.0 would not work. I know the clutch cable has to be for a 2.3 due to the way the cable hooks to the shift fork, but, I can't see the difference with the pedals. I guess my question is; Can I use the pedals from a 5.0?

Any tidbits about the swap would be helpful

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5.0 and 2.3 have the same pedals. do yourself a favor and swap in an aluminum clutch quad and a firewall adjuster while you are at it. The 2.3 isnt a power house but the 5spd really helps wake it up.