t5 whining after a few launches on slicks???

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Mar 24, 2002
hello guys, i have a t- tranny that i got rebuilt last year with better syncros and better parts, its been fine since, i went to the track last year with it and i did 4 runs and i didnt hear this before, but now i have the steeda tri-ax shifter in there and it is a little noiser than the b&m but i never heard it before until tonight i just installed my nitrous and did a few burnouts to heat up the tires and i was launching at 3500,3000,2500,2800, and i didnt miss any shifts or grind any gears but after comming off the highwat to a side street i notice it whines like a turbo in 1st 2nd and 3rd and starts to go away in third and it dosent do it in 4th at all.. what is this and is it anything to worry about?? thanks.
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From what I understand, tranny whine means you need a rebuild.

When you installed the tri-ax shifter, did you put the shifter boot in? It helps with noise a lot. Maybe someone else will chime in with more knowledge than I. :shrug:
I've been doing some reading on tranny's since i'm ditching mine next month. From what i'm told, the rating for a stock T-5 is maybe 300 lbs-ft. With the mods you have, nitrous, and slicks, you may be asking alot of the T-5. For $1200 you can get a Tremec 3550, which will stand up to what you're dishing out.
well what do u think has happened to my tranny then, it was perfect, not it makes that sound? id i drive normal will it be ok till i get a new one??? thanks some else sais i could be out of tranny fluid, i just dont get how it can go from perfect to whine in 10 minutes? it was rebuilt 2 summers ago. thanks alot keep em comming..
I posted a new thread about half an hour ago about my trans swap. I called D&D performance here in Wixom, MI and talked to them regarding the 3550 and the T-56 (which i'm considering). As far as YOUR trans problem, i'm no gearbox guru. But of course, check the fluid level, differential oil level, and possibly get the entire car on some beefy jackstands and level ground and have someone shift through the gears with the car running to try and pinpoint the actual source of the whine. Not extremely safe, I know, but do it at idle or part throttle, I wouldn't rev the hell out of it on jackstands. You could drain the fluid out of it and look for shavings too. If you installed a new ring & pinion, the mesh might be off a bit. Been there, done that, it sucked. But i'd take it easy on her until you can spare $1200 for the 3550. Going slow is better than not going at all. :nice:
i just went to talk to the guy and he said that it was the berings or gears probally the bearings but it would cost another $650 to build, there is a lot of oil under the tranny. thanks for the replies, how strong is a tremec 3550?? would that be good enough for me? thanks.
stock T5's in 5.0's were 300ftlbs.The T5z is rated at 330ftlbs. The 3550 also uses up 15RWHP more, but yes it has stronger parts.

I haven't done any high rpm launches on slicks (never will either) and my T5z has held up fine. you just have to be easy when shifting and stay away from high rpm launches when on slicks. I shift quickly, no powershifting because of their known weakness.

Sounds like your tranny couldn't take that much TQ.
rebuild kit's are cheap from what I hear, although IMO, I wouldn't waste the $$$, just step up to a stronger tranny.

My next tranny will be either a G Force T5 or a T56.
Mine did the same thing when i went to the track about a month ago. It also made the noise in 5th. Today on the way to work it couldnt handle it any more and gave up. When i got to work all that i had was 4th. I didnt even have rev.

5-oh stang------how much would you like out of the t-5z
mitchwolos said:
stock 90? and up were 300, older were 275

If i'm not mistaken, the 275lb rated T5's were behind the 85-86 SVO's. the V8's got 300. The T5-X was 325lbs and the T5-Z 330lbs. Some Older T5's were down as low as 250

Many books have diff ratings, but then whats new? LOL

I had the same problem it turned out to be input shaft bearings, but they didnt whine till 100k miles and 150+ drag passes, in the high 13 sec range. Hope that helps alittle. Peace.


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Mine did the same thing... Turned out to be the input shaft gear (4th) was about to blow.. Well... it eventurally did. What causes the sound is that there is extra load on the input shaft and countershaft when in all gears besides 4th. 4th gear is the input shaft gear. When it's in 4th, there is not the stress of reducing or overdriving it. When in all gears but 4th, there is extra load on the trans and causes the whine. Like I said, I eventually blew the input shaft gear from it... Stripped it clean, no more teeth. :)