T56 questions


New Member
Nov 8, 2006
Sarasota, FL
I'm getting ready to buy a t56 and was wondering if there were any little "tricks" (like using a certian fluid type) to make it shift and run as good as possible.

Also, any suggestions on a nice shifter fo it? Please only people that have actually USED a t56 and the shifter your suggesting.

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i used B&M trick shift in mine. it cost about $35 for all tyhe fluid but it is some good ****!

as far as shifters go i have a pro 5.0 and i hate it! i am 6'2 and i have to lean forward to get it to go into 3rd,5th and rev.

i am selling the pro 5.0 to get another MGW. the offset handle makes it a lot more comfortable if you are taller.
Thanks guys. I had a tri axe on my tr3650 and couldnt reach 3rd or 5th either. Ended up taking the rod out of the shifter and hacking it up and rewelding it so I could reach. Its like the made the stang for the asian market...
id use Royal Purple for the tranny, and a MGW Shifter. I had a MGW on my 03 cobra and it was awesome, when i bought it the reach was insanely far, and from reading posts it sounded like it was the stock shifter, but i ordered a MGW and went to install it, only to find a MGW was already there but adjusted to full forward (previous owner had long arms i guess). i adjusted it to where i wanted and i liked it better than my tri-ax on my GT so much i might swap the GT to a MGW soon as well.