T56 users, what mid-pipe????

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FYI, I have a viper spec t56 and my mid pipe doesnt fit. I have an o/r h pipe made from flow tech, it sits low in the middle and i think i have a leak because of it. the only solution i can think of is to widen the h part of the h pipe then weld the thing in place.
sorry to hear about your difficulties, i think that the x part of your x pipe may have to be re-angled and somewhat customized to fit your car. i want an x pipe really bad but now im just going to say f-it and fix the parts i got.
best of luck,
steve at d and d said it was much harder to find a mid pipe to fit the viper specs, but said that he had noone complain about the regular T56's.

i think i'm just gonna buy the summit h-pipe if i can't fanangle this pipe enough.
buddy of mine is putting in a non-viper spec t56 soon, put in the order late last week or early this week for it, and has a bbk o/r x-pipe. It is a 97 cobra though so it may be alittle diff. but when it starts gettin on, gettin on I can update to see if that brand fits.
just get an H pipe and widen the cross section about an 1-1.5" and weld it up. Not a big deal and much better than grinding on the crossmember. I had that issue with my Mac and Viper T56. Local muffler shop should do it for under 20 bucks. Second time around with my new set up and kooks long tubes I ordered the summit universal X pipe and made it myself. Not a bad kit for 100 bucks.