Taurus fan guys in here...pics please (other e-fans too)


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Feb 18, 2001
In my quest to make my engine bay look asthetically pleasing, i've come to the fan.

Right now, i have an SN95 e-fan with a big red summit bottle (i guess i could order the black one) . Looking for ideas to change this.


I have a 3.8L Taurus fan as well, but i also have the stock OEM fan shroud and been debating installing an E-fan inside for a clean look with the OEM rad overflow. I think the 3.8L taurus fan might be a cleaner install, so this is why i am looking for pics. I just have no clue where to put the coolant bottle.

Needless to say, I need ideas, so lets see those e-fan setups and coolant bottles. I'm looking for asthetics, so hopefully some of you guys have clean installs.


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I'll have to post a pic tommorow afternoon but I got my fan from oreillys. Can't remember the name but it works really well and at one point I had the stock fan shroud over it if your looking for something that fits inside the shroud
Well, i really don't want to buy another fan. I want to use what i have just because....well because I already have them.

Basically it comes down to these 3 choices

SN95 fan like how it is now (but buy black bottle)
Taurus E-fan
Factory shroud and stuff one of the above (prob SN95) inside
I believe 85_SS_302_COUPE modified a Mark or Taurus fan and had it mounted really cleanly inside the stock fan shroud. Do a search for his threads Mike and I'm sure you'll come up with them. IIRC it came out really well, and maintained the stock look perfectly.

edit: I read that you already found this thread, but I'll post it anyway in case someone in the future wants to check it out. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/755550-e-fan-stock-shroud-how-check-out.html
If I had it to do over again I would modify the stock shroud and put the fan inside it. I can't remember who had a write up with a bunch of pics on how to do it but I know it is out there.

It looks clean and keeps the stock overflow. The stock overflow bottle is the big reason I would do it that way. There is just no good place to mount an aftermarket overflow that I have found.
I have seen that thread and have bookmarked it. The ONLY reason i am not 100% decided on going that route yet is because I have a 3-core radiator and the stock shroud might put the fan motor close to the WP pulley and hit it.

So i wanna see my e-fan options before deciding which way to go.

Also, i can't decide which fan to hack up to fit inside it? Sn95 or taurus? I think they both have the same side fan so it doesn't really matter
i have the exact same setup, except i have a blue bottle and i also want to change to a black bottle.
is there any way to mount the stock overflow on the pass side of the shroud?
That's one of the reasons why i like the SN95 fan. It's offset to the side of the WP pulley. As a result it leaves a HUGE flat spot on the pass side that is great for mounting an overflow.

I don't think the stock one will mount there because of the tabs that slide into the stock shroud. I wonder if there is anything else on the market that had a flatter profile that will mount to that area?



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i'll have to take a pic of mine, i just used a taurus fan and a hayden controller (modified with a bigger relay of course). i also just used a generic parts store overflow for now. i had to set the fan off to one side (frpp rad), and it doesnt completly cover the rad, but it works pretty well (as long as the rest of the car doesnt set fire, only got to run it about a week this summer before my seat electrics died).
that looks super nice...

any more info on your setup?

what year taurus?

um, I believe it was a 93 V6 I pulled it out of... I'm only running it on low speed and it cools perfect... using a flexalite fan temp control and a universal 30 amp relay from napa. It required some minor trimming and then i made 2 brackets that run the length of each side top to bottom and attached it to the fan. Then I bolted it top and bottom to the radiator. Oh, and like many posts say, you have to cover the hole on the top of the fan, I used a piece of black plastic that I trimmed off and riveted it on to look factory. Hope that helps.