TB and maf size


Apr 14, 2008
recently i just added a CAI. im trying to find out what is a good size for for both of these parts so i could get even and better flow. 73 maf w/ 65mm or 70mm TB ?

i still want run 19lb injectors until i upgrade my manifold later on.
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Depending on what manifold you want to get, a 70mm may be the way to go; or a 75mm if you get the Trick Flow manifold.

There is nothing worse than having to buy parts twice:bang:

Just for info. sake...
Stock 5.0 60mm flows 526 CFM
SVO 65mm flows 540 CFM
BBK 70mm flows 726 CFM

A 300 c.i. engine neeeds 521 CFM@6K RPM
But, as stated above, having a 70mm TB with a 60mm manifold opening isn't ideal.

On the MAF side, a stock 94-95 5.0 70mm MAF flows 815 CFM.
The 73mm you mentioned, maybe a C&L, flows 1171 CFM.
But you may want to hold off on the MAF till you get the higher flow injectors.

You can find more info. here http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=665335
thanks. i think im going for a 70mm. i was considering a 65mm before but our intakes flow seem to flow bit more than the fox body. plus stock, the maf is 70mm so i think i dont think i need to upgrade until i get 24 lb injectors,intake manifold setup later on. (most likely edlebrock rpm or trickflow)

also im wondering if i want to keep the stock heads/cam and just slap on a s/c or single turbo kit.