Teach how to do a bad A$$ burnout!!


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Dec 28, 2002
Teach me how to do a bad A$$ burnout!!

I know how to burn out on an automatic, but how do you guys do it on a 5spd? It might sound silly, but I`ve never really learned how. Teach me so I can make a video of it. :lol:
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If you want to do a really smokey burnout, put it in second gear, floor it, pop the clutch, stand on the brake and watch the revs and make sure they're not close to red-lining.

Joe's right.. .2nd gear all the way, my car was stock and i'd lay long as marks and people wondered what the car had. Just hold the brake down while the tires smoke for like a second and then let the car glide away.
94GTLaserRC said:
Get A Power Adder!!!


HAHA, cheater !! has your beautiful red car done a burnout since the blower????? :D

yeah, as above said, since I learned just a few weeks ago, I do them at around 3500-4000 rpm's modulating the throttle.... then slowly let go of the brake and you can leave 100 footers easy!!!!! hahaha...
silverGTSaleen said:
Why the hell would you start a burnout in 2nd gear, especially in a 5 spd? :shrug: The highest gears are in your 1st gear anyway :nonono:

correct me if im wrong?

Josh :nice:
Because 1st is too short, it won't turn the tires over fast enough for the full effect. You get lots more smoke, and lots better streaks, if you get them moving a bit faster. That's why you use 2nd.

Here's the difference between a first gear and second gear burnout.

First Gear

Second Gear