Tell me how much power my friends built cobra will make - very built


Active Member
Jan 5, 2003
Chattanooga, TN
The car is a 98 cobra. he has got a 327 stroker from vt engines, 03 cobra heads that have been ported and polished, with custom grinded blower cams, hogged out 99 cobra intake, bbk long tubes, Vortech S-trim going to try 20 lbs. The motor will be able to spin to 8k. Its going through a tremec 3550 with a upgraded input shaft. 3.55 gears with a built 8.8 and a carbon fiber driveshaft from d&d and tuning will be on a Tweecer R/T, he has a nitrous intercooler kit to supercool the intake charge. That is all I know

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