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Jan 25, 2010
Bowie, MD
OK so I bought my first mustang about a week and I am finally getting around to looking through all the stuff I have. I know a good amount about motors and cars etc but not great with the technical stuff for building a motor, however I would like to learn all that I can. So I organized some the stuff that I have and am actually picking a few more things up tommorrow from the guy I bought the car from, I'll take pics and post that stuff when I get it. So could you guys tell me what all this stuff will add to the motor, more power, reliability, where does it add power(rpm band)??? Just explain it all to me please. Thanks Guys....On to the pics;

Current Mods:
Ported Factory heads
Ported Upper and Lower Intake
Professional Products Throttle Body
C&L Mass Air Meter
BBK Long Tube Headers
Off Road H Pipe w/ Flowmaster dumps
Aluminum Radiator
Aluminum Driveshaft
Hotchkiss Suspension
Kenny Brown Frame Connector w/ Jacking Rail
Tremec 3550
King Cobra clutch
17" 2000 GT wheels
5 lug conversion with disc brakes
Saleen wing


Supposed to be a GT40 upper and lower intake off a 5.0 explorer.

1.6 Crane rockers



2 different length pushrods

Oh yeah and someone buy these damn seats I need the room
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the explorer intake is a good one. matched with stock heads you wont see an increase. put a set of explorer heads on along with the roller rockers you have and you will see a substantial power increase. Not sure which pushrods you will need. Unless you change your cam/head combo stock pushrods work just fine. If you ever change your heads out I would measure PTV just to be on the safe side. The seats will obviously add to your comfort:nice:
Well, what's in the motor now?

Other than the explorer intake and roller rockers, the rest just looks like stock hardware. You'll have to measure the pushrods to be sure though. Great to have as spares.

That also looks like the EGR-less style Exolorer do some research first on this before installing.
From the looks of the lower intake, i don't think that intake has the internal EGR passage.

The p/n with the lower with the EGR provision will end in -BA.... the one without EGR will end in 'BB.

It's a bad pic, but i think his lower doesn't have it.

find a set of gt40 heads or better to go with that intake. you wont see any gains with stock heads. sell the 24lb injectors. you wont need them until you can eclipse the 300hp mark. That wont happen with the parts you have there.
Ok so if I pick up a set of gt40 heads, put the gt40 intake on, pic up a b303 cam, where am I at? Should I put the rockers I have in the GT40 heads? How about this tell me what I need to be making between 350-400whp. The car will never see the strip but I would like to build a nice street car, something thats quick but still has some daily driver in it ya know. Just a nice street car.

Picked up the 306 block today, plans for that are to be the first motor that I actually build from the ground up. 331 stroker???