TFS head question...

I recently purchased a new pair of TW heads with the intention of using a Stage 1 camshaft, but have since decided to step up to a Stage 2 unit instead. I understand that my current valve springs will not tolerate the lift of the Stage 2 camshaft and an upgrade is required to avoid valve float. Can I use any brand of valve spring with a sufficient rate or am I limited to TFS brand springs because of the head's configuration?

Ted Bell
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With all other brand heads for a small block Ford, but the valve location on TW heads allow for .544 lift on stock 5.0 shortblocks.With other heads it's usually around .510-.515
Guys....keep in mind that lift is not the issue with PtV problems...when the valve is fully opened during the int/exh cycles, the piston is at the bottom,.... the cam overlap (OVL) time period is what you have to watch out for.

I'm running 289 '66 heads with a lift in the .576" zone, no modifications to the heads, aside from the proper spring/retainer combo. I had to notch pistons due to the X303 OVL spec (62° over the OEM's 39°). The stg 1, having an overlap of 66°, does require a PtV check to be on the safe side, even with TW heads. My 2¢.
Mike92GT said:
Hopefully this isn't going on a stock short block, or you will have piston to valve clearance issues

No, the shortblock has relieved pistons. However, I've read and heard of a lot of folks that have used TW heads and Stage 2 camshafts on stock shortblocks with no clearance issues. Do a search, there's a lot of them.

Ted Bell