THANKS! CobraRed_96_GT,


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Apr 16, 2003
i recieved the picture you drew of my car today. it looks great!!!! i have to go get a frame to hang it up. i will keep it hanging always.

i just wanted give you a public thank you! maybe i can post up a pic once i get it framed and hung so you know where it ended up. :nice:
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lol, dont frame that one man, i had to redraw some spots 3 times cuz of those damn wheels and 99+ wheel fenders (hate those things) so those areas are all dark. I love the look of your car man. Ima redraw it for sure, give me a diff angle - then u can frame that. Can't believe you made a thread about getting it. Thanks:p

just PM me sometime
Well if i knew you were going to get rid of it!

Some drawings and stuff:
Random pics from old threads:



Think there was one more, i forget. Others i usually do:



That's pretty sick stuff:nice:.I use to draw/sketch all the time back in high school,then stopped.:( Making music in a band,and cars took over afterwards,then a wife,and kids came into play,but the hot rod hobby stuck around. LOL
I would be interested to see you do my GT if you like?:)